Anyhoooo, since the house was eerily too quiet. I started turning all the lights on as I go from room to room, not caring for the electric bills since I am not the one paying, but I ended up turning them off again because I felt too guilty. Yes I know it is an online game, but like I said, I live in an asian household. We are trained well (tears). I must say however, I was enjoying myself trying to find out what the hell is going on in that creepy big house. Although, after about 20 minutes into the game, I already had an inkling on what is going on but I kept going to see if it is right and things started to feel a bit laborious which I will explain why later on, on the review.

This is you in the game


I honestly do not understand why I saw many people bashing the graphics of this game. it is not bad at all! Especially on max setting. Sure it is not as blindingly godly as something like bioshock infinite’s graphics but I found Gone Homes visually quaint look to be refreshing. The graphics itself is 3D, but if we are talking about the game’s visual theme, it is a blast to the past since the game was set to be in 1997 (the year I first got my playstation! and it is by my birthday too. June Babies Unite!). As you scavenge through the game, if you are a 90s and below baby, you will see so many nostalgic items like the one below. I really appreciated the trip down memory lane.

You guys remember this eh? eh? I used to have a polar bear, a cat, and a unicorn <3 For those of you youngins who have not seen this marvelous artstyle. it is by Lisa Frank. Back in the day they were everywhere! Stickers, binders, lunch box, bags, etc. Her rainbow animals became iconic I believe.