Black and White Pictures – Timeless!

There is something timeless and evocative about black and white pictures. I just love them!

Does your photographer offer both types of photography? If so, you might have paused to consider which one is better for your wedding, and really, why does it matter? What does b&w; photography offer that colored images can’t?

Both have their advantages. B&W; can be best for documenting emotional moments — there are no colors to distract your eye from the subject of the photo. The subtlety of the tones within the image reveal the full range of blacks through grey to whites that can make an otherwise dull colored image far more exciting. Images without coloring convey sentiment and classic looks that somehow, colored images just can’t express.

Colorless images can be great when there are facial features that you DON’T want to focus on, such as skin imperfections.

Naturally there are plenty of images at your wedding that you DO want to focus on. For the cheerful, joyful moments of a wedding, colored photography is more appropriate. It should also be used when documenting the details of the nuptials — the bright pink flower in the bride’s bouquet against her white dress, the subtle hues in the centerpieces and the clear blue sky that the bridal party is posing under.

Digital technology these days mean that photographers don’t have to use a special film for b&w; photos. Instead, photographers typically shoot entirely in digital and then convert specific images later during in the editing process.

It’s likely your photographer will give you a mix of images because both have a place in your wedding album. Unless you have a particular photo in mind that should be one or the other, trust your photographer’s artistic eye. You’ll end up with the emotional, stunning photos that will best display that particular moment in your wedding day.